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Hello. I'm Leslie, and I write stories for the screen.


I wrote my first one-woman play when I was six. I wouldn't say it was award material, but my performance as "the mannequin" brought my grandmother's house down.


I'm offering a curated collection of sample work in PDF form, followed by descriptions of completed scripts, some with additional samples or links. Contact me for more.


Frank and Jannon Kick a Hole in the Sun


Frank and Jannon are the best couple ever, but being so awesome all the time makes it really hard to grow up. These two thirty-somethings are completely stuck in early post-college life, but their super supportive ways stop either of them from progressing. A stressful week threatens to dismantle their perfect relationship, but all they have to do is use their teamwork to "fix" things...and kick a hole in the sun, of course.

Jackson's Heist

Dark Comedy

Think the comedy of Raising Arizona meets the concept of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Jackson's Heist is about a kid born to a jailbird and dragged around the country as a con artist, until he finds himself in the unique position to take a whole town for everything they have...and get away with it.



This post-apocalyptic stoner comedy begins after the majority of the U.S. population has freaked out over a newly discovered flu and rushed to get the vaccine, but the vaccine mutates humans into pigs. Only the poor, the uninsured, the lazy and the skeptics remain, and the rest of the world cuts America off for good. Seven seriously strange friends combine forces with those who remain to restart society with hemp as the ultimate cash crop. Co-written with Joseph Lawsky.


Science Fiction

Written as an exercise, this is a perfect television sci-fi movie. It is exactly what the title sounds like. Co-written with Joseph Lawsky and Andrew Alonso.


Bar Betting

Dark Comedy - Adventure

Three friends out for a night on the town run into big trouble with some seemingly innocent bar bets. Inspired by Roald Dahlís "Man From The South." Read a rave review here.

The Way Out


In this future world, TrueCouple replaces dating sites, matchmaking and divorce. They can't find you the perfect mate, but they can make your mate perfect.

How to Break Up with an Idiot

Sketch Comedy

A young man tries to break up with his girlfriend, and she just doesn't get it. Part of Film Crush Collective's Quickie Flicks series, written, shot and edited in one day. Watch it here. (Apologies for the sound.)

Pater Noster


A scene based on the following scenario: Your PROTAGONIST and his or her LOVE INTEREST are at odds. One of the protagonistís schemes has gone terribly awry, and the love interest has had it. Write a scene in which they have it out Ė but in an unconventional way. Their words seem measured and reasonable; but the subtext says another thing entirely. You may use additional characters other than the ones specified. Therefore, Pater Noster is a scene between a husband and wife struggling to clean up a mess. It was published in Loose Change Magazine, June 2011. Read it here.


Vanilla Sex - Original


Vanilla Sex chronicles the life of a schizophrenic sex therapist whose imagined vision of his departed wife helps him solve marital problems with alternative sexual practices.

Jerry's Not Dying - Original


Jerry thought he was sick, and began to live his life accordingly. But one fateful day, he finds out he's not really dying, and is forced to continue living like he is. Co-written with Joseph Lawsky.

Modern Family - "Il Divo"

Comedy Spec

Mitchell forgets to buy Cameron's tickets to see the multi-national operatic group "Il Divo," Luke helps Claire make money online, and Gloria gets mistaken as a drag queen. Read it here.

In Progress

Untitled Vaudeville Script


In 1870 a book titled "The Gentleman's Directory" was published as a guide to New York City brothels. In 1881 the father of Vaudeville, Tony Pastor, set up shop in the same building as Tammany Hall as the political machine was crumbling. This script is the story of a strange era in New York City - the rise of a modern city, the floundering of political leaders and the demise of the variety show.

That Dead Guy's Diary


When an unpopular man dies, his diary ignites a chain of events that ruins a few lives but saves a few more.

The Advanceman


A presidential advanceman uses his position to become one of the United States' most wanted drug kingpins.

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Call it bi-coastal if you want, but I just like to be where the movies get made. I am available for any screenwriting work, any place, any time.

Screenplay Services

I love working with other writers. It keeps me on my toes and challenges me to really put my money where my mouth is. Let me help you make your script perfect.

Why you want ME to help you

I eat, sleep, dream and breathe screenplay format, story structure and amazing dialogue. I know and can operate within every single script structure formula or philosophy. I watch EVERY show on TV and as many movies as I possibly can, and in real life, I'm a bit of a know-it-all. There is not one single topic or genre that will stump me. Okay, that's more than enough bragging.

The real story is this: I'm a great writer, like, a really great writer. But I've discovered that my passion is in teaching, sharing and helping other writers. I have little desire to live the Hollywood life. I can't tell you how to sell your screenplay or get an agent. What I can do is guide you and make you the best screenwriter you can possibly be.

I might not be the next Charlie Kauffman or P.T. Anderson, but what if you are? What if I'm the one who can help get you there? There aren't many guarantees in life, but I'll give you this one: when I read and critique your screenplay, you're going to get so much more than you thought you would. I'm going to blow your arms off. I can promise without a doubt that your script will not only improve, but so will you as a writer. Let's do this!

**arm blow-off not guaranteed**

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